the beat of drum

by dK

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  • First edition. 100 copies - 1ère édition. 100 exemplaires
    Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Cardboard digifile.
    Artwork by Marina masquelier.
    Recorded-Mixed by Mathieu Plancher & dK
    Mastered by Sylvain Biguet
    Help & Support : Loïck Tyson, Marc Shade, Yannick Duchene, Benoit Roch

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released February 13, 2014

Recorded by dK and Mathieu Plancher.
Mixed by Teut , dK & Mathieu Plancher.
Mastered by Sylvain Biguet
Artwork by Marina Masquelier

thanks for help & support: Enable-Prod / Loïck Tyson /
Marc Shade 'n 2acrestudios / Yannick Duchene
Benoit Roch / Locaux Rock & Pôle des Musiques Actuelles de Valence

Our first video by Marina Masquelier is up there Enjoy!



all rights reserved


dK Valence, France

dK is a 3 piece, playing industrial music, made from electro, blues and more.
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Track Name: slumberland
Slumberland - dive deep - into it - enjoy the ride.

Slumberland the fields of night are infinte
'n dreams get inside minds.
But dreams are made out of nothingness, made out of ghost
But dreams are made out of strength, made out of laugh
Wandering thoughts , drifting around, on and on...
Awful beauty. Pretty dread.

Slumberland 'n dreams make it better
Slumberland 'n dreams make it better
Slumberland - In-fi-nite.

Sometimes dreams make it better, sometimes not.

Warped...all warped, but quiet and rough.
A burning caress.
Tumbling down like a subtle thrill.
A cliff hanging on a cloud.
Dazzling light in a peacefull darkness.
A island of blackness in an ocean light.
Somewhere that belongs to none.
Kind of rest living in the deph of souls.

Slumberland, infinite wide wild worlds.
Staring at hypothetic places none ever expect.
A wave made out of sounds, smells 'n views
Leading to another land that maybe does not exist.
A boundless land arising from drops of sap.
Enjoy the ride.
Track Name: dead
Waking dead.
'n silence is...
No morning again, now nothing is vain.
No moaning again, 'n now all is vain.
No I won't move away.
Now they walk up my shape.
No I won't move away.
Now they walk upon my grave.
Now I see clearer.
Am I lone in my cage
Here I lay...down.
A bit green 'n dry...
'n I found greedy friends...crawling inside me.

Waking Dead

Into the mud, still eating my flesh.
My creepy friends are spreading inside my veins.
'n I feed the worms.
in a way I rise from the dead
I'm a part of the grass
I'm a part of anything
I'm a part of the root
I'm a part of the air U breath.
Into the mud, slowly waking dead
Dig down my bones
'n drag pieces away...
It's such a bliss, ending like this.
I...I rise from the dead
I rise from the dead.
Waking dead.
I rest in peace, six feet under. Please keep on eating my flesh.
Life was a bliss 'n beauties 'round are pieces of ME.
Track Name: transit to nowhere / turn
transit to nowhere

See Birds
In the Morning.
In the garden.
Slowly flying
From a branch to another.

For how long
How long


Now I'm dust

Now I taste...what's being DEAD
I'm all rot deep 'til the bones
In a way digest...
I was scared, I was wrong
there's nothing like this
but just the way it goes
First it was warm, dark 'n wet...then coldness surrounds
'n then I felt
bugs creeping around

It's not cruel, it's not painfull
just the way I'm usefull
It's not cruel, not painfull at all
heard crawlers knocking on my wooden box
they're awaiting for lunch.
I used to be their home, for a while
until the day my shape just vanished away.
I was no more.
I fell into pieces

I can tell I'm pretty dead
I can tell I'm pretty dead

so sweet...can tell I'm dead
so sweet...can tell I'm dead

I can tell...I'm dead.But I'm still there.I can tell...I'm dead...I'm still...still there.
Feel things 'n much (more)...I'm anywhere... simply had no idea...I know taste I never expect...
I'm no more...I feel now, tiny part of it.
Can tell
Track Name: bloody bastards
They should go faster
smashing your head
between their wheels and ciment.
They should go faster
smashing your head
between their wheels and ciment.
Being bloody bastards
They just don't care.
Being bloody bastards
No one cares...

For some it's kind of game
Playing the king of the road.
For a while 'til they catch your soul.
Death is made of steel 'n tires.
But root is stupid blokes.
Drive fast, drive faster.
It seems none else exist
Selfish and proud to be
Alone in a box .
Hands on steering-wheel.
Track Name: unrest spread
This so special face
Front my deep silence
You know...
If I fall but never when I rise.

In closed state
We remove
We put away, my love.
I'm failed and I don't know why
I embrace you
From immovable darkness.
I'm closing myself
Sleeping death
And stay hide in speachlessness.


You are everything I need
but you make me bleed
this hole in me, you fill it up again
dreams I made, so full of you,
empty bug,
you feed me, you make me grown,
I'm alive...

I understood, that my silence,
could be more offensive
than angry speech but your
unrest spread
at the end I'm alone 'n alive

I do so understand. I can't feel happiness.
I can feel it only, only if it could be shared.
This splendid disension allow us to givin' itself.
Embrace the light.
Glad until the next time.
Track Name: in dust we trust
Riot (In dust...We trust)

Seems none believe this...
This mess we're in.
We dig it 'n still.
In dust...trial.
Our boiling earth.
This feeding land.
We dig it 'n still.
In dust...riot.

In dust...Riot.
In dust...Trial.
In dust...Riot.
In dust...Real.

Dig that / Hole. Take / And Waste But Using Breath Is Meaningless
We took / 'N Waste / What Is Next Is A World Where Life Is Gone.
Dig that / Hole. Take / And Waste But Using Breath Is Meaningless
We took / 'N Waste / What Is Next Is A World Where Life Is Gone.

Useless things /addicted addicted
U gonna dig /addicted addicted
to pretending /addicted addicted
being no exit /addicted addicted
Track Name: lone
Here I am.
All alone.
Guess what ?'s better like this.

I can't tell being lone
ain't made of dull.
but guess what
it's better, yes...better
I'm tired
Feel sick
Can't stand
Any of U
Feel sick, I'm so tired.
Guess what, it's better like this...
I'm lone...

I can't tell being lone ain't made of dull at all.
but guess what...
I sincerely feel this.
Any of U. U all make me so tired. I feel sick.
I 'd rather be lone instead standin...any of U.
U just make me so tired...I'm lone

Guess what I'm alone
It's better like this

Just better.
Simply better.
Track Name: beat of drum
Our Heart Still Respond To The Beat Of The Drum

Drippin' with sweat.
Trippin' our brains out.
Connected to nothing.
Drifting off somewhere.
Moving toward a huge blackness.
A blackness spreading out in front of us.
Filling us up at last.
Just can't damp down this black hole.
Slowly floating up to the surface, things that made no sens.
Floating up to the surface.
The old higly aventuresome life is gone...
but in its place are the joys of work, daily routine and death.
D'rather feel what's inside.
The beat in our veins.
Blood is strenght.